– and a little about New York – Just as there is much non-Hispanic in what used to be called Hispaniola, there is not much Dutch in the Dutch Caribbean. The use of adjectives and terms derived from metropolitan languages English, Spanish, French and Dutch for long dominated historiography relative to the Caribbean. This lens narrowed scopes, centering imperialism, nations and those in power and in sight in the archives of printed material – the traditional epicenter of historical research. In the case of the Dutch Caribbean islands, issues further arise because of the many geographical, ethnical and linguistic spaces within that political entity, resultingRead More →

‘Unholy Alliances’ is the short title of a research project that will result in a book, several smaller publications, a Digital Humanities platform, an Oral History collection and a series of lectures and presentations. I developed the project narrative in the fall of 2021 after an initial inventory of archival material in the Dutch Caribbean, the Netherlands, the Dominican Republic and the United States. This resulted in a Project Narrative that I used for applying for funding and finding support. How to get started with a project like this? Doing research comes down to finding time and money, getting things organized and creating support systemsRead More →

Through this site I present my current research project about Dutch-Spanish Caribbean Affairs in (mostly) the Twentieth Century. I hope that this site can be a platform to share ideas about resources and approaches. My intention is therefore to share updates, interesting resources found, questions relative to resources not yet found, etcetera. If you want to refer to anything found on this site, please contact me first. Thank you for being here. I hope we can share interesting ideas along the journey. Margo GroenewoudRead More →